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The Boston lemur in popular media.

The Boston Lemur is a strange primate-like creature that has baffled people for a while.


In 2002, 20 miles North of Boston on a farm in Sherborn, a filmmaker named Andrew Mudge noticed a bizarre creature on a rainy day. He was visiting his parent's horse farm in a rural area, when he saw an odd animal hop out of a hole in an unused barn. It was the size of a small coyote and looked like a crossbreed of a lemur and a fox. The animal had short ears, a long face, and a faint striped pattern on its back. It also had a long hairless tail except for the ball of fur at the tip of it. Mudge thought it looked like a lemur, but he had spent his entire life in this area and never saw anything like it. He followed the thing into the woods. Mudge said it didn't try to escape from him, but didn't let Mudge get too close either. It eventually got darker so Mudge headed back to the farmhouse. Mudge's father said he had a short glance of it, too.

One night in 2008, the Boston Red Sox senior adviser was walking home from Fenway Park. Then, he saw an animal he first thought was a cat. He then noticed the giant eyes on the side of its speckled gray head. He looked closer at it and it had pug-like face and a long sashaying tail. He stared at it and then it scurried underneath a car. He could not think of anything else it resembled except for a lemur.


People speculate it could have been an escaped zoo animal or an unknown type of lemur, mouse or a jerboa. Other people got off the edge and said it was an alien that came in peace. Whatever this strange animal was, it still has people wondering to this date.....