The Boston Bahumagosh (pronounced bah-hoo-ma-gosh,) is a strange creature that has little known about it other than it was originally sighted in the Boston area an undetermined time ago. It is possible that this is a misrepresented bigfoot considering very little difference in appearance other than height and weight dispersal.


The creature is bipedal and can resemble a Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The Bahumagosh is said to be up to 10 feet tall and weigh roughly 400 pounds giving it a distinctive appearance. The fur of the creature covers its whole body except for the facial region and can vary from light grey-ish color to dark brown. Because little is known about the creature it is hard to say whether it is dangerous to persons, however it is believed to eat small wildlife so it can be carnivorous. Bahumagosh have been sited in other states along the eastern seaboard yet no sightings have been confirmed outside of the US.

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