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Borneo's Giant Snakes are Giant Snakes sighted throughout Borneo. They have been sighted at lengths of 30-170 ft. Many of the tribes in Borneo have spoke of giant snakes. Including the villagers living along the Baleh river in Borneo, who fear a 100-foot snake that could be lurking in the murky waters.

Images of a giant snake-like creature swimming along the Baleh river has locals afraid of a ancient legend, which speaks of a 100-ft snake, known as the Nabau.


Borneo snake 2

This image is a photoshopped hoax

An aerial photograph that appears to show a gigantic snake swimming along the remote waterway has emerged, sparking great concern among local communities. This image is a hoax.

This particular image is the result of photo-editing. Some suggested the 'snake' was in fact a log or a speed boat and others complained the colour of the river in the photo was too dark.

The photo is a hoax that has been manipulated on a computer, which has been pointed out by skeptics such as YouTuber Billschannel.

The image has even stumped the New Straits Times newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, which suggested that the readers decide for themselves.

However, on the banks of the river, villagers are convinced of the massive serpent's existence and have even given it a name, Nabau, after an ancient sea serpent which can transform itself into the shapes of different animals.