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Bohun Upas
Death tree=.jpg
Type Plantae / Trees
First Sighting 17th Century
Last Sighting Unknown Date
Country Indonesia + Malaysia
Habitat Java, Indonesia
Possible Population Unknown Population

The Bohan Upas, also known by the name of The Tree of Poisons, is a poisonous tree growing on the islands near Java in Southeast Asia. It was discovered by the first voyagers to Malaysia, all of which returned with ghastly tales of the terrible tree. The Bohan Upas was said to have released narcotic, toxic, and certainly lethal fumes that instantly killed plants and animals that were even miles away from it. If someone happened to fall asleep under the shade of the tree, they would never wake up again. At the time, Malaysians began to execute prisoners by tying them to the trunk of the great tree, putting them to eternal sleep. By the 15th century the tales of this tree had grown fantastic, and highly stylized drawings of the Bohun Upas were in some of the first printed books. The revolting tale itself was most likely based off the Bausor Tree (Antiaris toxicaria), which yields a poisonous latex still used by natives today on arrow tips.