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Boggy Creek Monster
Fouke Monster
Type Hairy Humanoid/Bigfoot
First Sighting 1960s
Last Sighting 2017
Country USA
Habitat Dense, swampy forests of Fouke, Arkansas
Possible Population The creature may be a particularly aggresive Sasquatch, Skunk ape, or other hairy humanoid, making the population singular.

Bigfoot filmed in Ballyboley forest, Northern Ireland Cryptids NI-1

The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek, also known as the Fouke Monster or Southern Sasquatch, is a large brown humanoid that lives near Fouke, Arkansas and bears a strikingly eerie similar resemblance to the Momo seen in Louisiana, Missouri.

It has made major news and tracks have indeed been found. It is very vicious and attacks humans. Many people have been terrified by the creature. Local legends of an apelike creature date back to 1946, when it was called the Jonesville Monster (based on the town where it was initially sighted), sighted again in the mid-1960's, the creature didn't make local headlines until 1971 when it was said to have attacked the home of Bobby and Elizabeth Ford.

The Fouke Monster was the inspiration for the 1972 documentary film "The Legend of Boggy Creek", directed by the late Charles B. Pierce, which in turn inspired additional sightings up through the late 1990's. Four more films based around the Boggy Creek Monster were released subsequently between 1972 and 2011.

The Southern Sasquatch is described as a giant, human-like ape creature with long arms, long, dark hair, three toes on each foot and bright red eyes the size of silver dollars. It's said to walk with a shuffling gait and run in a hunched or slouched posture while swinging its arms, like a primate. Original reports from the 1970's describe the creature as 7 feet tall, up to 300 pounds and a chest about 3 feet wide. The creature's alleged footprints are said to measure 17 inches long and 7 inches wide.

The Swamp Monster's purported foot prints have called into question the legitimacy of the creature for many skeptics and researchers. The prints, which have a three toes, are completely unlike the five-toed feet of all known primates.


- In 1972, A movie titled The Legend of Boggy Creek was released, which was about rural residents who have encountered a hairy, three toed, biped in Arkansas.

-In the Animal Planet series Lost Tapes, the episode Southern Sasquatch, was most likely the Boggy Creek Bigfoot since it took place in Fouke, Arkansas and the Bigfoot in this episode tends to have the same behavior.

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