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Close up of the Boat Hound

The boat hound - Article

"Yarns of the Big Woods" (1922) article from the Edmonton Journal

Boat Hounds (Navisfur wymani) are fearsome critters from lumberjack folklore in North America during the early 20th Century, said to sleep at the bottom of lakes during the day. During the night, the creatures look for boats that careless folks forget to tie up, and when it finds one, it swallows it right down.


It has a long body like a boat with big frog-like feet and four ears. With the front two, it can hear everything in front of itself, and with the back two, it hears everything behind. It has a big mouth like an alligator's.

Further reading:[]

"The Boat Hound" from Yarns of the Big Woods (1922-1925) by Art Childs

"A Fearsome Critter to Behold: The Boat Hound" from Pine Barrens Institute