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Thomas man 1520939 Thomas man 1520939 26 April



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Bob Bob "Robert" Gibson 23 April

Bigfoot Chasing Shadows Chapter 1: Bigfoot

In July 22, 2009, Brownswood National Park, Oregon, USA, Linda driving on haunted house, Late evening, Linda enters house, suddenly, she saw strange creature, Bigfoot stands 7 feet 4 inches tall and weigh 400 pounds, brown fur and green-yellow eyes, damages door to house, after begin using matches on mantel, next morning, Linda calling Bob Gibson, going to go backyard, Linda: "Okay, creature is real.", Bob calls again: Linda, don't forget on camera.

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Parker Green Parker Green 2 April

The Faun

The faun (Capranthropus faunus) also known as the "silenos" or the "satyr" is a bipedal bovid native to Greece and Rome. Males are more common than females, and they were believed to be an all-male species for a while too.

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Discombobulatedx Discombobulatedx 1 April

A little info

Hey! I’m a little new to Fandom and wikis in general but so far I love this place. Anyways, I’m the founder of a small project called “Red Lore” based in Colorado, a website should come sometime in the Future. We work primarily in cryptozoology and ufology but do dabble in demonology and paranormal phenomena. I haven’t put this project on the internet yet but I figured I’d have to start somewhere and this seems like the place. I’m really just preparing for the future of this project and updates will most likely (slowly but surely) be here. Keep your eyes open for a little red jackalope hoping in to certain wikis. Have an amazing day.

-Jude Harris of Red Lore

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Bubby lord Bubby lord 8 March

do i think bigfoot is real

yes i think he might be real

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Epic Joker Epic Joker 8 February

I've started writing a book! Ireland’s Bigfoot and other monsters from the emerald isle'

I've not written too much of it yet but I've written about 3 and a half parts it's going a lot quicker than any other books I've written before! If it continues to go at this rate it could be published within a couple of months! I'm very confident this story will be published by the end of the year, which would be an absolute dream come true for me as this would be the first book I've published in several years. The book will be about the Gruagach and some other Irish cryptids.

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Epic Joker Epic Joker 8 February

My Bigfoot sighting in Ireland

I drew a sketch of the possible Bigfoot I saw in a Northern Ireland forest. Here it is:

If you want more details on my sighting please comment on this post and I will reply as quickly as possible. I had another account called AuroraBorealis1972 where I described the sighting shortly after it had happened so my report will obviously sound identical to that one, but that is because that was my old account.

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Dinologan07 Dinologan07 6 February

Please check this page out!

I made The Swamp Auger page please go and look at it!

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Dinologan07 Dinologan07 3 February

Please check this out!


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Dinologan07 Dinologan07 3 February

There was something in my home town...

Back in 2020... There was something Stalking me and My friend for two or more weeks.

I don't want to say alot about whatever it was.. But I may make a page about it

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Tomclarke2017 Tomclarke2017 27 October 2020

My first post

Hi, this my first post. Have just signed up here, and am absorbing all the content I can. Have been updating my own blog with the data I have found. When you have time come visit me.

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 17 October 2020

Yeti Film and Cryptid Cinematic Universe

Get ready for the first installment in the Cryptidz Cinematic Universe.

The film is entirely in the Tibetan language and set in the Himalayan mountains. The story tells of Wang, a Chinese investigator tracking two fleeing Tibetans. Will he survive the Yeti?

So as you all know, I've been working on the Yeti Film and the upcoming Cryptid Cinematic Universe. So far I have the script translated and back translated into Tibetan and have a native speaking actor. Will hopefully film this winter presuming COVID-19 allows. For the Cryptid Cinematic Universe, here are my thoughts for the upcoming films. They will explore the various cultures and locations that cryptids call home. This is just for the first batch of films, but let me know what you guys…

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Bradypus Tamias Bradypus Tamias 12 October 2020

New wikia format

Does anyone actually like this? Personally, I find it unusable. Can't see a single benefit!

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Michael the Spikester Michael the Spikester 19 September 2020

Lost Tapes: The Revival

My take on the found-footage mockumentary had the series continued. Beginning off with my idea for Season 4. The rest of the seasons will be posted in due time.

  • 1 Season 4:
  • 2 Season 5:
  • 3 Season 6:
  • 4 Season 7:
  • 5 Season 8:
  • 6 Season 9:
  • 7 Season 10:
  • 8 Season 11:
  • 9 Season 12:
  • 10 Season 13:
  • 11 Season 14:
  • 12 Season 15:
  • 13 Season 16:
  • 14 Season 17:
  • 15 Season 18:

Episode 35: "Loch Ness Monster"

Subject matter: Loch Ness Monster

Summary: Cryptozoologists decide to seek out the famous monster to finally prove its existence once and for all and once they do finally find it learning the creature is real. They learn that it doesn't like to be disturbed.


Episode 36: "Mega Bear"

Subject matter: Short-faced Bear (Arctodus simus)

Summary: What starts off as a fun camping trip in Yukon for a d…

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MetaMorphis MetaMorphis 17 September 2020

Return to form!

School's out in a few days, so you guys will hopefully see me back around here soon ;)

cya round folks!

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Triceradon the 8th Triceradon the 8th 6 August 2020

my idea monster blade fantasy

talk about it

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IDSpaugh IDSpaugh 29 July 2020

Guess the Cryptid

So I just want to make these kinda difficult cryptid drawings. You have to find out what the cryptid photos are of! Good luck!

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Alexandra 924 Alexandra 924 21 July 2020

Why cryptids do not exist?

I think cryptids are all fictional/hoaxes/misidentifications. Why? Let me explain.

  • 1 No Physical Evidence
  • 2 Confirmation Bias
  • 3 Misidentifications
  • 4 Hoaxes and lies
  • 5 Bad eyewitnesses
  • 6 Conclusion

Almost all cryptids have no physical evidence besides eyewitnesses, and when confirming that something is physically real, you need physical evidence (authentic/real photographs, remains, poop, footprints, etc) to show that they're real, that's just logic.

A lot of cryptids, like Loch Ness Monster, Ropen, etc, do not even look like what the original animals or group of animals looked like when these animals existed, with Plesiosaurs being fully aquatic, having a stiff neck, and has a fin on its tail, something that Loch Ness monster doesn't seem to have. The R…

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Xatz41 Xatz41 17 July 2020

Black Dog

Black Dog Canine Entity of Europe and North America. Distinguished from the Alien Big Dog by its paranormal qualities. A large spectral dog in British folklore, especially in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Devon—in areas steeped in supernatural and witchcraft lore. Sightings of Black Shuck continue in contemporary times. His appearance is often taken to be a DEATH OMEN.

Variant names: B arguest, Black Shuck, Blue dog, Bray Road Beast.

As large as a calf or collie dog. Black, like a Labrador retriever; often described as jet-black or coal-black. Shaggy coat. Occasionally said to be headless. Large, red or green, glowing eyes. Foaming or slavering mouth. Long teeth. Behavior: Nocturnal. Often malevolent or menacing. Screams, growls, or howls. Bad …

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Redforce059 Redforce059 24 June 2020

The Kinds of Cryptids

What cryptids do you guys think are the most realistic? I'm excluding former cryptids and hoaxes.

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The Figure in the Woods The Figure in the Woods 20 June 2020

Go to my Youtube channel

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 12 June 2020

Fossil Friday: Prehistory new series

While I'm still working on the Cryptid/Unexplained videos, I've decided to do a series on prehistoric life every Friday. 

Welcome to carboniferous park! Warning:DO NOT ATTEMPT 

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MetaMorphis MetaMorphis 11 June 2020

An explanation

Hey all, Nick here.

I feel like that first and formost, I need to apologise for my continuos and erratic appearences and dissapearences.

School has been restricting me from contributing here for quite some time, only having rare chances to return.

Recently however, depression has been slowly creeping further and further into my everyday life, and this has also been a big blow for me.

I do wish to return here, as the content and members of this community mean so much to me, and I don't want to dissapoint anyone.

Thank you for putting up with my shenanagins for the past 3 years, you all have my greatest appreciation.

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The Figure in the Woods The Figure in the Woods 6 June 2020

oh my god Guys i saw a Dragon! (1 year ago)

oh my god Guys i saw a Dragon

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CrazyDavePvZ CrazyDavePvZ 1 June 2020

I'm Found Babay

Dude, you watching russian bogeyman videos in 3:00 am.

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Greyideas Greyideas 30 May 2020

Tetrapod zoology?

I am planing to buy the book Hunting Monsters by Paleontologist Darren Naish. Any thoughts about the book? Is it good? If so why?

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Bradypus Tamias Bradypus Tamias 30 May 2020

Waheela Identified

This flew under the radar when it came out back in 2018, so I'm making a blog post about it here.

Frank Graves, the man who first reported the "Waheela," was tracked down and interviewed in 2018. The interview appeared in a documentary, Interview With A Cryptid Hunter (2018). In that documentary, Frank Graves positively identified the animal he saw as a Mackenzie timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis), a known grey wolf subspecies inhabiting Canada.

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Cryptidsoof Cryptidsoof 24 May 2020

cryptid zoo

imagine a zoo full of cryptids, of course with the correct enclosures and habitats but walking up to a real-life Sasquatch without being in any form of danger would be amazing. Many cryptids would be scientifically proven to exist and lots of people would be able to see them.

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 12 April 2020

New Cryptid Videos Coming Soon!

Video on Skunk Ape, Moss Man, Abominable Swamp Slobs and Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp completed! Visited Florida Everglades and Scape Ore Swamp, South Carolina. Loveland Frogmen up next! 

Video on Sheepman and Sheepsquatch completed! Visited Waterford, Pa and Boone County, West Virginia. Skunk Ape, Moss Man and Loveland Frogmen coming soon!

New videos of unexplained cryptids coming soon for you to watch while you #StayHome 

Explore the locations of the Loveland Frogmen, Waterford Sheepman and West Virginia's Sheepsquatch!

Subscribe for Updates! 

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 2 April 2020

Mapinguari! Animatronic Ground Sloth Creature Suit

With everything being shut down due to covid-19 a few weeks ago, I had to stop filming the Yeti film out of concern for actors' health. Will hopefully reschedule the film shoot soon. In the meantime, I am working on a sloth related project until the covid-19 panic dies down a bit. I am constructing an animatronic ground sloth costume reconstruction. I have been fascinated by the prehistoric giants for a while and want to bring them to life in the same way the animatronics brought dinosaurs to life for Jurassic Park. I just got supplies for sculpting the mask and casts of Megalonyx claws from fossils. I might use it in future cryptid videos revolving around ground sloths.The creature will be based closely on Megalonyx jeffersoni.

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IDSpaugh IDSpaugh 27 March 2020

What Cryptid Would You Have as a Pet?

What cryptid would you have as a pet? I'd have a Tsuchinoko! That is all I have to say.

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The king of creepypasta 27 The king of creepypasta 27 23 March 2020

billy syler


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IDSpaugh IDSpaugh 17 March 2020

The Cryptid Keeper

So, there is a podcast I listen to called the Cryptid Keeper. I just want to know if I'm the only one here who listens to it. :b

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Bradypus Tamias Bradypus Tamias 12 February 2020

Cryptids Google Earth Overlay

For a while now I've been working on a Google Earth overlay which will pin various cryptid sightings on the map. However, I'm unsure how useful it might be, and would like some opinions.

As you can see from the preview pictures below, I am using different icons to show how accurate the sighting is placed, but the thing is, I'm concerned that most of them are too imprecisely-placed for it to be very useful. You can see how many ? there are on the map.

What do people think of how useful this might be?

  • ? = sighting occurred in the relevant area, but is very imprecisely placed
  • 🌊 = sighting occurred anywhere along the relevant river/lake
  • o = sighting is pretty accurately placed
  • ⊕ = sighting is extremely accurately placed
  • When clicked on, each marker w…
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Maycaii Maycaii 9 January 2020

the flatwoods monster could get it

  • her skirt ? hella stylish n cute
  • the way she just ,, hovers ominously ? superb
  • her lil glowy eyes ? confirmation that she notices and acknowledges my presence ! (i might have a chance :0)
  • noodle arms ! not the best for hugging but we could always practice !
  • the combination of her hover-bilities n gremlin grabby hands can always reach the top shelf (also the fact that she's 10ft tall but)
  • that teardrop shaped cowl on her head ? what a gosh darned cutie
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SCDGS SCDGS 6 January 2020

What is and OPINION?


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SCDGS SCDGS 25 December 2019

Christmas Tree Road


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SCDGS SCDGS 23 December 2019

Do Sasquatch have claws on their feet?


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SCDGS SCDGS 22 December 2019



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SCDGS SCDGS 21 December 2019

The Mylomore Bird


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SCDGS SCDGS 20 December 2019

I'm not a blogger, but will try.


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Aberrymvao Aberrymvao 11 December 2019

Today is doing okay could be better

Well, today I farted while someone was in the stall next to the worst part was that she saw what I looked like before I went in the stall. I had to walk into a classroom with her already in it.

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ConnorIsChaotic ConnorIsChaotic 5 December 2019

cockatoo island/ghosts and creepy things

Cockatoo Island is a well-known ghost hotspot in Australia. With a dark past, it is a great place for ghost hunting. 

My friends and I experience along with other paranormal things that have happened there will be recorded:

While shooting a cringy fake ghost video to look back on and cringe at we stumbled upon something we were not expecting.

  • Strange screaming noises in the background of our videos
  • Sudden migraines
  • Seeing shadow people and other ghostly figures
  • Paintings eyes moving

walking down the dogleg tunnel we used our phones reception bars to find emf signals, in the tunnel there are numbers on the beams, the phone would lose a bar every time we were in an area marked with wither a multiple of 7 or had 7 on it. at 27 the phone turned off and …

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 27 November 2019

Historically Accurate Thanksgiving Meal: Weird Food

Happy Thanksgiving! At the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621, some strange things were eaten. Eel soup and moss jelly are a few foods that we recreate in this video. And no, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and potatoes were not eaten by the Pilgrims at the time.

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 8 November 2019

Yeti Film

  • 1 Update: Film Shot and Trailer!
  • 2 COVID-19 Update
  • 3 Campaign Link
  • 4 The Yeti
  • 5 The Film

Get ready for the first installment in the Cryptidz Cinematic Universe. The film is entirely in the Tibetan language and set in the Himalayan mountains. The story tells of Wang, a Chinese investigator tracking two fleeing Tibetans. Will they survive the Yeti?

With everything being shut down a few weeks ago due to COVID-19, we had to cancel a film shoot and plan on rescheduling, hopefully in the near future as soon as this stuff dies down a bit.

Help support this cryptid film! Link below:

Remember, if you can't donate be sure to share this link and spread the message. This could be the dawn of a cryptid cinematic universe!

The Ye…

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MetaMorphis MetaMorphis 6 November 2019

Carnivores: Corruption Design Suggestions

Hey, Nick again!

So I'm begginning to develop designs for the creatures in Carnivores: Corruption, however, I am looking for some suggestions from the experts here at the Cryptid Wiki!

The creatures I need are all listed in the previous posts, however, I'm looking to include other cryptids as well, and I'm also in need of both designs and suggestions for which I should include.

I'm really excited to be starting the project and I look forward to posting more updates and working alongside everyone here!

Thank you for your time

- Nick

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 5 October 2019

Sheepsquatch and Sheepman

Today, I visited Waterford, Pennsylvania, home of the Waterford Sheepman . 

"“It was always said the sheepman lived in a cave on Baghdad road. He was know to frequent the covered bridge south east of town on East street. He was said to hide up in the rafters of the old bridge and jump down and terrorize young lovers that had parked in the bridge."

Will be visting sites in West Virginia, where the legendary Sheepsquatch was sighted. 

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MetaMorphis MetaMorphis 24 September 2019

Carnivores: Corruption Lore


After the horrendous Triassic Incident, the Gojirasaurs have laid waste to anything in their path, luckily, they’ve gone extinct. Now with the Saurophaganax wiping out entire species, FMMUV-32 is in its biggest crisis yet, which always ends in chaos. A select group of Dinohunt clients have been sent down to investigate sudden spikes in radioctivity. The creatures responsible for this are none other than prototype Gojirasaurs, failed experiments forgotten to time, until now. It’s your job to finish off the abominations before FMMUV-32 is overrun by terrible monstrous carnivores






Mutated Lizard


Unnamed Brachiosaurus Replacement

———— Huntables ————


Minmi Spinosucus “Spine…

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MetaMorphis MetaMorphis 17 September 2019

Initium Novum Creature Art Contest!

Aaaaaaaaaand I'm back from the dead...


I've have a lot of test at school recently, a friend of mine is in hospital with cancer, and a bunch of other stuff has taken more of my time then I intended, thus my absence. But I'm back, and with a contest!

Initium Novum/Carnivores: Corruption is in the process of deisgning animals, and I have decided to let some of you all design some creatures!

Here are the rules:

No tracing, stealing or claiming other's art as your own

Be kind to everyone

Be respectful

Don't beg

All art is accepted!

And here's the criteria!

Must be a creature from the list below.

Must have a short description, 1 to 2 sentences or more!

Only one submission per person!



Large Amphibious Creature Mutated Lizard

Have fun ever…

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Praying Mantis Man Praying Mantis Man 5 September 2019

Area 51 Raid Livestream

I created a poll on

"Thanks to everyone who checked out my Area 51 vlog series and livestream! I plan on making more videos investigating unexplained phenomenons and locations. What other mysterious stuff would you guys be interested in me making videos on?"

  • Alien Bigfoot
  • Lake Monster Attacks
  • Goatman Monster
  • Kecksburg UFO incident
  • Cowboys and Aliens (UFOs and Abductions in the Old West)

Click on the link above to vote.

We arrived at Area 51! Ever wondered what the base looks like up close? Check out this vlog of us visiting the site 2 days before the storm.

It's official I'm going to Rachel, Nevada to "see them aliens" on September 20th, 2019. Will hopefully be live-streaming the craziness! …

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