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Beware Black-Eyed Children

Beware of the Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Children are an idiosyncratic phenomena involving eerie kids with ghostly pale white skin and pitch black eyes going around asking their victim for seemingly harmless favors. Usually these involve asking the person if they can come into the location that the person is in like a house or a car. Because they usually have to be invited to come inside, some have speculated that the Black Eyed Kids are vampires because their validation is limited. Some have even said that the Black Eyed Children are regular children who've been demonically possessed or human/alien hybrids.


Black-eyed children are typically described as having pale, almost corpse-like skin. Their most distinctive feature is their eyes, which are completely black, with no white or colored part, making their appearance particularly eerie.Most of these children are usually between the ages of 6 and 16. These entities are more likely to stalk people who know about black-eyed children. They are often reported to approach individuals who are alone, usually at night, but can also appear in daylight.Their speech is usually monotone, and their behavior can be unnerving. They appear to have some psychic abilities, causing their victims to experience an overwhelming sense of dread or fear. Victims often describe feeling an overwhelming urge to help or comply with the children, despite an intense internal warning not to do so. Accounts typically describe them asking for something mundane, like a ride home or to use the phone. For some reason, they always ask their victims for permission to let them into their home or car. Witness report having "bad luck" after the encounter ranging from car being towed to being diagnose with cancer. The children will also isolate their victim by making it so only their victims can hear or see them. When victims ask the people around them if they saw the entities they usually report that no one was ever there.


The supposed origin of the legend is the 1998 postings written by Texas reporter Brian Bethel on a "ghost-related mailing list" relating alleged encounters with "black eyed kids" in Abilene, Texas and Portland, Oregon. Called classic examples of creepypasta, Bethel's stories gained such popularity that he published a FAQ "just to keep up with demand for more info about the new urban legend."

In 2012, Brian Bethel told his story on the reality television series Monsters and Mysteries in America. He wrote a follow up article for the Abilene Reporter News, describing his experience.[1]


Brian Bethel[]

Bethel writes that he had an encounter with two kids, aged twelve and nine. He was sitting in his car when the two boys, wearing hooded sweatshirts, approached him. Both kids appeared to have corpse-like pale skin. One had curly hair and the other had freckles with red hair. Bethel then lowered the window, and the boys asked if they could get a ride to their mother's house to get money to watch the new Mortal Kombat movie. Bethel felt an unnerving sense of dread as the kids spoke. He pointed out that the movie had already started and that they wouldn't make it back in time even if he gave them a ride. The boys then started to push harder, insisting that he give them a ride because they were just kids. Bethel began to freak out after their insistence, but it got worse when he finally peered into their eyes. They had big round black eyes, soulless orbs with no white showing. Bethel then started to drive away, and the kids began banging on his window, saying, 'We can't come in unless you tell us it's okay. Let us in.' He quickly drove off, and as he watched his rearview mirror, he noticed that the boys had completely vanished.

Keith W[]

Keith recounts a personal experience with black-eyed kids. One evening, while mowing the lawn, he noticed his flowers had been disturbed. The next day, he saw two unfamiliar kids, around fourteen or fifteen, walking down his road but decided to ignore them. Later that night, during an unusual power outage, Keith heard a knock at his door. He saw two kids with pitch-black eyes through the peephole, which terrified him. They demanded to be let in, claiming they needed to borrow a phone. Keith offered to bring a phone outside, but the kids insisted on entering, banging on the door. Despite feeling an intense urge to comply, Keith managed to lock the door. The kids' banging and distorted screams continued but stopped when he checked the back door. Armed with a shotgun, Keith found the kids had vanished. He told his neighbor, who came to check on him, but decided not to report the incident to the police, fearing disbelief.

Deama M[]

Deana recounts an experience with black-eyed kids while visiting her mother in Amarillo. One evening, after her mother had gone to bed, Deana heard a persistent knocking on the door. She found two teenagers, one around fourteen and the other about sixteen, standing outside. They requested to come in and use the phone, claiming to have been left in the area by their parents. Deana felt a strong urge to let them in despite feeling terrified. She noticed their completely black eyes and quickly closed the door. The boys remained on the porch, knocking persistently. Deana called the police, who found nothing unusual. Her mother dismissed the incident as typical behavior of today's youth. Deana felt deeply unsettled and questioned if anyone else had similar experiences with black-eyed kids.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Black-Eyed Children are featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.
  • SCP-134 "Star-Eyed Child" is clearly based off of the Black Eyed Children.
  • An alleged sighting in the "Wat" meme photo, turned out to be a kid in sunglasses.



Some cases of Black Eyed Children could be pranksters wearing contact lenses, or children with aniridia.