Illustration of the biosbardo by nigure on DeviantArt.

The biobardos (also known as cocerellos, in some parts of Galicia) are a mythological figure, which exist in Galciia, with which jokes, to newbies. The legend begins with a group of uninitiated, who are invited by a person, to hunt the so-called "biosbardos" at night. Because initiates don't know what the subject is about, they usually accept the invitation. The joke is that the "Biosbardos" do not exist, in fact and that the sidekicks will take advantage of the darkness, of the night, to make the people of the group innocent. Also, in some parts it is known as gamusinos or gozofellos. One way to be able to hunt the biobados, or cocerellos, is to give the person who receives the charge of "hunter" a sack or a bag, and a stick with which you will have to hit the ground or shrubs, even the weed, to cause these imaginary animals to come out and be able to catch them d I get in the sack. In many cases, the inocentated ends up leaving only, in the middle of the mountain, late at night, the "hunter", who is focused on performing his task. Another possibility is to make it fall into the river, taking advantage of it confusing its own reflection, in the water, with the reflection of this fictional animal. A curious fact is that on the island of Man, too, we find a similar legend, which is called "phymodee".   

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