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Monkey-like characteristics 

Big Bird is the name of a cryptid that flew over the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas, USA, in 1976. This Big Bird isn’t the adorable one who lives on Sesame Street with his teddy bear Radar, but he was named after him in jest. It was the subject of jokes and concern. Most witnesses described this unknown mysterious animal, UMA, as being about five feet tall, featherless, having a long beak, bat-like wings, and a monkey-like face. All of the following reports have come from the Rio Grande area:


  • January 1: Tracey Lawson and cousin Jackie Davies were playing outside when they saw the creature. It was over five feet tall, had dark red eyes, bald head, gorilla-like face and a long beak. The avian emitted a shrill screech. The next day, their fathers saw three-toed tracks, pressed about an inch into the ground. The family dog stayed inside of its doghouse, leaving only to go into the house for dinner, then had to be forced back outside.
  • January 7: Policeman Arturo Padilla saw something in the headlights of his cruiser; it was a huge bird. Minutes later, fellow officer, Homer Galvan, sighted a large black silhouette gliding through the air. Alverico Guajardo spotted the creature and described it as looking like a bat.
  • January 14: Armando Grimaldo heard a sound like a bat’s wings flapping. Suddenly, large talons grabbed him and tore his shirt. It was a bird-like creature with red eyes, a monkey-like face and no beak.

About this time, several school teachers witnessed the strange bird, which had a wingspan of at least 12 feet across. One of the teachers did some research and discovered a picture that looked like what they saw. The image that the teacher found depicted a pterosaur.

While there is not substantial evidence to prove that Big Bird exists, it seems strange that it has a monkey-like face.


It could be a large bat or bird, or possibly a living pterosaur of some sort. One distinct possibility, which cannot be ruled out, is that it was a Jabiru - a large South American stork with a featherless face and a long dark beak, which sometimes strays into Texas.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Big Bird is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.