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Bermuda Tentacles is an American television movie made by The Asylum in 2014 for the Syfy channel. The film stars Linda Hamilton as a US Navy admiral. The film premiered on April 4, 2014. ts main antagonist is the cryptid Bermuda Beast.


Air Force One goes down in the Bermuda Triangle, and a rescue effort by the US Navy awakens an ancient sea monster (Bermuda Beast).


  • Linda Hamilton as Admiral Hansen
  • Trevor Donovan as Trip Oliver
  • Mya Harrison as Lt. Plumber
  • Jamie Kennedy as Dr. Zimmern
  • Darren Anthony Thomas as Greg Elfman
  • Angelique Cinelu as Ensign Sanchez
  • John Savage as President Desteno


HorrorNews.Net gave the movie a negative review, stating that while the cast includes several decent actors, that the movie does not give them much to do. The movie reviewer stated that the movie is viewed as a disappointment, even by the standards set Syfy originals.