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Bermuda Blob
Bermuda Blob 1.png
The first Bermuda Blob
Type Globster
First Sighting 1988
Last Sighting 1997
Country Bermuda
Habitat Beaches
Possible Population N/A

Bermuda Blob is the name given to two globsters found washed ashore on Bermuda in 1988 and 1997.


The first Bermuda Blob was found by fisherman and treasure hunter Teddy Tucker in 1988 on Mangrove Bay. Tucker described the blob as 2 and a half to 3 feet thick, as well as being very white and fibrous. He also described it as having five arms or legs like a "disfigured star".

A second Bermuda Blob was found in 1997.


Samples of the first specimen were analysed in 1995 and it was suggested they were from a Poikilothermic sea creature, either a large bony fish, shark, or ray. A reanalysis, using advanced genetic techniques not previously available, confirmed it was the remains of a whale. Analysis from the second Bermuda Blob's samples suggested it was a large mass of adipose tissue from a whale.