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The Bergkonge/Dovregubben, also known as the Mountain King, is a creature of lore that can assume the shape of a man wearing nothing but a cape made of leaves. He appears in the forests, seduces women who he finds alone, and brings them into the mountains with him. The women are never seen again. In its non-human form, the Bergkonge was said to have been monstrously huge, and kind of arachnid- or lizard-like, roaming in the forests and mountain ranges. He is said to live in Dovre, Norway.

In Norwegian folklore there are tales of the Bergkonge. If translated, the name means Mountain King. The creature is known to seduce women, and according to myth, the creature brings them with him into the mountains. These women are disappear, and are never seen from their families again. The Mountain King is described as a handsome man covered in a cape made of leaves with nothing under it, but sometimes transform into a lizard creature.

Possible explanations

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Possible explanations could be a man from a minority ethnic group. The Gypsies, for example, have a lot of mythology about themselves and their origins that are completely false, and were created by the Europeans, who were ignorant of them. In reality, this ethnic group originates from India, but according to European mythologies, they came from either Egypt, Turkey, China, the insides of the earth, Africa, or even the North Pole (some Russian accounts).

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