In Philippine Mythology, the Berberoka is a creature that can change its size and likes eating humans alive. It's tactics seem to be specifically aimed towards fishermen.

Myths & Legends

This water monster would go to a pond or river and suck up all the water. In some variations the Berberoka would try to trap its victims by lying on a river and morphing into something bigger to stop the river flow instead.

This would then lead to drying up the land and leave fish scattered on the dried river floor. As the humans began to run and pick up the fishes, the Berberoka would then release the water it had been holding. As the humans are caught into the surging wave and struggled to stay afloat, the Berberoka would then pick them up to eat.


Although a specific description of this creature is difficult to find, it seems to be ogre-like, and most likely camouflaged with greenery or rock-like skin depending on its habitat, as it waits in hiding for the humans to come to the dried out river before revealing itself. In some stories, it is portrayed as a female water spirit instead, potentially with fish-like attributes.


Berberokas have a fear of crabs, especially being pinched by them.

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