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Belorussian Cigar UFO
Glass squid.png
Photograph of a Cranchiidae or Glass Squid, which is on of the few creatures that matches the sighting
Space bel.png
Map of Belarus
Type Atmospheric Beasts
First Sighting December 24, 1999
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Belarus
Habitat Vitebsk, Rep. of Belarus
Possible Population Small

In 1985, an Aeroflot plane reported sighting a bright light while flying over Minsk while en route from Tbilisi to Tallinn.

The mysterious light was sighted again on December 24, 1999; relieving itself to be a cigar shaped UFO (Also known as Air Rods) that was sighted above the skies of Vitebsk, Belarus. This particular creature exhibited Bioluminescent and semi-transparency qualities similar to that of jellyfish or squids.

The Sighting

The cigar-shaped UFO (brighter than clouds, color blue and red (the color of a cloud at sunset), like an aircraft, but without wings and tail, angular size about 3œx0.5œ, the front part profile was rounded & asymmetric, the rear part seemed blurred) was observed by two witnesses.

The object was moving NE, elevation about 40œ, climb ~5œ.

The object was brighter than sky at that time and slightly fluoresced, the object color was blue with red, as the color of a clouds at sunset.

The distance to the object was estimated as "very high".

There was no any noise all the time. After 3-4 seconds the object suddenly vanished (one of the witnesses stated that the object disintegrated into dots and vanished).

The witness states the object was not an aircraft because of the strange color, slight fluorescence, enormous angular size and speed, strange disappearance, and there was no any noise. There was no impression of a real solid object, it was more like an image, maybe semi-transparent.

The possible explanation suggested by the witness -- mirage, during that night (Dec 23-Dec 24) the air temperature decreased from -1°C to -10°C (approximately). The sun was set. There is no working airport in Vitebsk, but O.Kirillow noticed a plane, which have flown over the city at high altitude some minutes before the UFO appeared.