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Photo of the beast

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1 of the 5 pigs which were attacked and killed.Note the huge wound on the back of it's neck.


Alleged paw-print of the beast.

In the late Spring of 2016, in a small village from Piatra Neamt, Romania, a mysterious animal started killing livestock. Pigs, dogs, goats, and chickens were all killed by the beast. The beast did not eat the livestock it killed, rather letting it's prey rot.

On 13 may, at night, 5 pigs were killed. The animal which killed them was extremely powerful, as 2 of them where almost decapitated, 1 having his back legs separated from it's body, another sustained injuries in the front leg, and the last one had it's skull cracked open. The owner, which is also a hunter, declared:

"From my experience, as i've been a hunter for 30 years, i can tell you it's definitely not a feral dog, nor a bear, because, if it was a bear, he'd take the small piglet he killed with him. The only logical explanation i can find, is that either a lion, tiger, or leopard escaped from a zoo or circus. It's definitely an exotic animal, not a native one. As i said, this can't be a feral dog, wolf, or bear, you can see that the wrought iron gate is broken beyond recognition, and i'm sure the beast broke it, that's where he got through. I am willing to stalk this whole area, in order to kill it, because, maybe tommorow it will attack a child or a woman, and that will be a tragedy. The beast also attacked and killed goats in this area. So,5 pigs attacked in one night, and no one of them carried away. Again, day and night i'll be on the prowl, and when i'll shoot the beast, i'll bring it to a laboratory for a DNA test. These hogs are big! The adults are about 200 pounds each, and the small ones about 100, so a big animal killed them."

Other villagers reported seeing the beast. The sightings are inconsistent, one woman reported a "big,dog like animal",some reported a pair of wolf like animals, while 3 locals reported a big feline. Another sighting, this time from a man who was in his car, reported seeing a creature who looked a bit like a giant marten: "The tail was long, about 2 feet in lenght, the head was short, but beefy.It had big claws and he jumped around the road, instead of running. All my life i've seen all types of animals, badgers, wild cats, jackals, bears, foxes, and wolves. This animal was nothing like it."

A woman reported: "About 12 a clock in the night, i saw a big animal, who looked a bit like a cat, but was much bigger, about the size of a calf. It made a strange hissing noise. I was scared for my life, i grabbed a pitchfork and tried to chase it away from my yard. It attacked me, knocking me to the ground. I thought this was going to be my end, but my dogs chased it off, and i got away it just a few bruises and cuts. If you look around my yard,you can see footprints,which are about the size of my hand."

A farmer's wife described the way her goats were killed,probably by the same creature: "The kids were decapitated, and the full grown goats had there stomach cut open, and every bit of blood drained from them."

Samples were taken,though no results have been released,even as of 2020. Keeping exotic animals ilegally is (Or at least-was) a popular passtime among Romania's mafia bosses,thus making some people suspect that the pet lion or tiger of some mobster may have escaped,killing their livestock,and that the results of testing the samples haven't been released due to the mobster bribing the autohrities, though this isn't confirmed either.