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The Beast of Bears, a cryptid purportedly inhabiting southern Texas, Florida, Virginia and potentially Arkansas, is said to resemble a sizable bear adorned with numerous scars and patches of fur loss. It reportedly frequents swampy regions and dense woodland locales. Descriptions of the creature include a potent odor reminiscent of alcohol and decaying eggs.[1]

Beast of Bears
An artistic rendition of the Bear
Type Mythical Bear
First Sighting 1973
Last Sighting 2012
Country United States of America
Habitat Marshlands, Woods
Possible Population 30+ sightings but the population depends on whether they're the same ones or the tip of the iceberg, the creature's elusive.


The Beast of Bears is reminiscent of a large bear, adorned with numerous scars and patches of missing fur. It has been speculated that its proximity to swamps may lend credence to the notion that it possesses gills. Additionally, it is said to boast large red eyes akin to those attributed to the Mothman.

The initial sighting of the Beast of Bears occurred on October 12, 1973, at a camping site near Alice, Texas. Subsequently, there have been over 31 reported sightings of the creature, with the most recent being on May 1, 2012, in a backyard outside Crestview, Florida.


Photographer Philip Hyde first sighted the Beast of Bears in 1973, at a camping spot near Alice, Texas.

While the initial official sighting dates back to 1973, there exists evidence suggesting that the existence of the Beast of Bears may not be a fabrication. An anonymous drawing suggests its potential presence further north, possibly in Canada.

Inuit folklore recounts tales of giant bears pulling individuals underwater, drowning and consuming them. Though these accounts remain unverified, incidents of people disappearing in these regions, attributed to bear attacks, have been documented.[2]