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Bauk from The Compendium of Arcane beasts and Critters

Bauk by dejano23 d69etiy-fullview

Bauk, by Dejano23

Bauk is a large creature from Serbian mythology. It's known to be aggressive and powerful, ambushing people at night and dragging them away to tear them to shreds and consume.

It is said to be large and hairy, with pitch-black fur, and reports vary but some do mention a humanoid appearance. While it moves around bipedally, it's lumbering and clumsy while doing so. It hides away in dark places such as abandoned buildings or woods and waits for people to wonder by, grabbing them and dragging them into the shadows where it can tear them apart and eat. It is said to be warded of by bright light or loud noise.

The word Bauk has been used to describe bears and even spiders at different points in time. The root of the word means "To walk clumsily/lumbering". In modern uses of the word it is used as a translation for imp or goblin-type creatures.

The main theories about this creature are that it's probably just bear reports and boogeyman stories. Another possibility is that it's a related species to Sasquatch and the other hairy humanoids.


Bauk from Teen Wolf (I think, the sources aren't too clear)