The Bandage Man is a cryptid or ghost purported to be seen near Cannon Beach, Oregon.


Bandage man

The Bandage Man appears on the short approach road connecting US Highway 101 to Cannon Beach, between the town and where Highway 26 intersects with 101. He is always reported to be covered in bloody bandages, as well as emitting a horrible stench, that of rotten flesh. Occasionally the spirit's limbs appear to jut out at bizarre angles. He is rumored to be the ghost of a logger who died in a sawmill accident.


The Bandage Man appears to haunt one particular stretch of road attempting to grab and latch onto any stationary or slow moving vehicles, especially trucks, and open roofed cars, such as convertibles. The phantom will often attempt to attack the drivers, sometimes breaking glass windows, leaving it broken well after it's disappeared. It will remain on the vehicle, disappearing only right before the car reaches the town of Cannon Beach. The Bandage Man is said to sometimes kill and eat dogs and cats, and speculations have spread that the specter has killed several humans. The fact that this entity can interact with other living beings and their vehicles is surely something of note.


That particular road was a popular destination for teenage couples to make out. In 1960, an unnamed couple arrived at the area frequented by The Bandage Man, and attempted to make love. Amidst this love making, however, they noticed the car was rocking back and forth. They looked up and saw what appeared to be a man, completely covered in blood-stained bandages. He was latched onto the back of their truck, staring at them, and slamming his fist against the window. Terrified, they drove off, the man still pounding at the back window of the pickup truck. However, when they stopped, he was nowhere to be seen. Since then, people have reported to see the Bandage Man when driving on that decommissioned road.

The Bandage Man is also mentioned in Ghosts, Critters & Sacred Places of Washington and Oregon. The Bandage Man legend is currently being adapted into a movie directed by first time independent filmmaker Sebastian Bembenek and is being filmed on sight in Cannon Beach Oregon.


Creature Feature- The Oregon Bandage Man

Creature Feature- The Oregon Bandage Man