Banaspati is a mysterious entity sighted in many villages across Indonesia since ancient times. this entity is described as a humanoid with a red skin and sharp horns - quite similar to Satan from the western culture. In many stories it was also described as a skull with fireballs hovering around it- this type is also called a kemamang.

It is known to appear in dark places (forest or fields), where it scares away passing people, and it is believed that the Banaspati feeds on the anger and emotions of its victims. The Banaspati is believed to live in a tree and appear unexpectedly in front of passing travelers or locals. In some Indonesian villages it is not uncommon for the local farmers to work all night and return to their homes when the dark starts to fade. At this time a lot of Banaspati-sightings are reported

The Banaspati is a dangerous entity because it can spout fireballs and burns everything surrounding it. People that meet the Banaspati must run away to the closest mushalla (small mosque) and pray while still running.

Banaspati-sightings were never reported to mass media, but through mouth-to-mouth stories or personal experiences. Until nowadays sightings of the dangerous Banaspati are still reported.


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