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Type Neo-Giant/Unknown Pongid, Hairy Hominoid
First Sighting Antiquity
Last Sighting Unknown
Country Bengal Region and Himalayas of India, Nepal, Bangladesh
Habitat Forest, Mountains
Possible Population Middle, Somewhat higher than that of Gorillas because of larger Habitat but higher human population

The Ban Manush is a type of bigfoot which has been spotted in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Measuring at six feet tall, its name means "ape man" in Indo-Aryan. It is one of the more aggressive Bigfoot varieties, known for occasionally kidnapping humans. It is also one of the many variations of the mythical Abominable Snowman in South Asia which include the Yeti and the Barmanu to name a few. The Ban Manush is very similar to another Bangladesh cryptid, the Mande Barung.

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