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Artwork from A Book of Creatures
Alaska greenland map.jpg
Type Aquatic-based
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Unknown
Country United States/Greenland
Habitat Alaska coastline and surrounding areas
Possible Population Unknown

The Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-'Ti, also known as the 'Walrus Dog', is a monster from Inuit belief. It lives among the coastlines of Greenland and Alaska.


The Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-'Ti is large and fearsome. It has a long, thin body covered in black scales. These scales were only able to be pierced with a spear. It had legs and head like that of a dog but possessed large fangs. It had a strong tail that was powerful enough to kill a man instantly. It lived alongside walrus herds.[1] [2]


The Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-’Ti was feared among the Inuit people. The 19th century explorer E. W. Nelson heard much of this creature from the Inuit people and dubbed it “walrus-dog”. There is at least one case of a Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-’Ti attacking an umiak and killing all people aboard.[2]



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