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The Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-'Ti is a bizarre monster from Inuit belief. It lives in Greenland. It resembled a giant walrus with the head of a whale, legs of a dog, black scales covering its entire body, and a huge walrus tail that could sink ships with one blow.

The “Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-’Ti” was much feared among the Inuit. The 19th century explorer E. W. Nelson heard much of this creature from the Inuit people and dubbed it “walrus-dog”.

Misidentified Walrus?

It is possible that the creature was a walrus mistaken for it; however, the Inuit people know these animals very well. It may also have been a related species that has since gone extinct. Pinniped seals evolved from a land animal, it is possible an amphibious variety could have survived until the present.

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