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Yearns of the Big woods.

"Yearns of the Big woods" 1925 entry for the Ax Handle Hound


As it appears in 1939's fearsome critters

The Axehandle Hound (sometimes spelled as axhandle hound, ax-handle hound, or similar) is a fearsome critter originating from Wisconsin and Minnesota, it has a slender body in the shape of a handle of an axe and a head the shape of an axe head. It also has short stubby legs. it consumes the handles of axes carelessly left out by lumberjacks.

Despite its dangerously shaped head, the Axehandle Hound was not known to be deadly. However it would pester lumberjacks by stealing any axe handles left unattended and storing them away to be eaten. This nocturnal creature travels from camp to camp searching for its next meal.

In Minnesota, there is a canoe-access campground named Ax-Handle Hound after the folklore creature. It can be found on the Little Fork River near Voyageurs National Park and very near the town of Linden Grove.

In Literature:[]

An account is given by Jorge Luis Borges under "Fauna of the United States" in the Book of Imaginary Beings, a book that contains 120 mythical beasts of folklore and literature.

In Popular Culture[]

  • The Axehandle Hound is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.

Further reading[]

"The Axe-Handle Hound" from Fearsome Critters (1939) by Henry H. Tryon

"The Axe-Handle Hound" from Yarns of the Big Woods (1922-1295) by Art Childs


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