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Petrosavodsk Jellyfish

One of the first sightings of an Atmospheric Jellyfish.

Atmospheric Jellyfish are flying jellyfish that have been sighted floating in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Jellyfish are a type of UFO as well.

This unexplained phenomena has been sighted by hundreds of people across the globe (From China to Norway), including top meteorological scientists, military bases and cities. These sighting prompted speculation on what the creatures really were.

According to NASA, these creatures may be the result of space debris reflecting off of the Northern Lights.


Since the mid 20th century, these mysterious creatures have been sighted numerous times and have gained substantial recognition from the media and scientific community alike. It is one of the few UFO phenomena to be recognized and researched by the scientific community, while additionally still filling the headlines of newspapers. Some of the most notable examples include:

The Dutch Flying Jellyfish[]

Main article: Dutch Flying Jellyfish
'''The Dutch Flying Jellyfish'''

Photograph of the Dutch Flying Jellyfish

The Dutch Flying Jellyfish is an Atmospheric Jellyfish sighted in the Netherlands by Harry Perton.

Harry Perton ventured out after a storm last week to take photos for his blog after he saw beautiful skies from his window. He was not expecting to capture pictures of something unusual, but he was surprised upon checking his camera when he got home. He saw a jellyfish UFO.

Qing Xian Flying Jellyfish[]

Main article: Qing Xian Flying Jellyfish
Chin Jell

Artist's rendering of the sighting

The Qing Xian Flying Jellyfish (Chinese: 青县飞行水母) is an Atmospheric Jellyfish sighted by a Chinese Air Force pilot and 140 ground officials on Monday, October 19, 1998 in Qingxian, China.

Jellyfish Anomaly of Petrosavodsk[]

Main article: Jellyfish Anomaly of Petrosavodsk
Petrozavodsk phenomenon

Photograph of the Petrozavodsk Jellyfish

The Jellyfish Anomaly of Petrosavodsk was the first documented sighting of Atmospheric Jellyfish, a type of Atmospheric Beast, that was sighted by hundreds of local people, including Yuri Gromov and Nikolai Milov, above the skies of Petrosavodsk, Russia on September 20, 1977. The sighting prompted speculations on what the creature really was.

Norwegian Atmospheric Jellyfish[]

Main article: Norwegian Atmospheric Jellyfish

The Norwegian Atmospheric Jellyfish is an Atmospheric Jellyfish sighted in Norway by Per-Arne Milkalsen. Leading scientists theorize it may have been caused by light from the aurora being bounced off a space satellite.


Atmospheric Jellyfish Timeline
Year(s) Event Image
November 17, 1974 The first known sighting of an Atmospheric Jellyfish. When first shown to the public in 1979, it soon became the object of intensive research, including the Danish military.

This is the origin of SCP-312 (From the Web Media, The SCP Foundation.) SCP-312 is also likely the inspiration for the movie Nope.

Jellyfish ufo
September 20, 1977 The first confirmed sighting of an Atmospheric Jellyfish, The Jellyfish Anomaly of Petrosavodsk, is sighted above Onezskoe lake in Petrosavodsk, Russia.
1985 The first sighting of the UFO latter to be linked to the Belorussian Sky Squid is sighted above Minsk, Belarus.

Sky above Minsk, Belarus

October 19, 1998 The second most famous Atmospheric Jellyfish sighting, the Qing Xian Flying Jellyfish, occurs; it was sighted by a Chinese Air Force pilot and 140 ground officials.
Qing Jell
December 24, 1999 The second sighting of the Belorussian Sky Squid occurs over Vitebsk, Belarus.

Sky above Vitebsk, Belarus

January 20th, 2010 The Norwegian Atmospheric Jellyfish is sighted in Norway by Per-Arne Milkalsen. This sighting renews scientific and public interest after being virtually forgotten for over a decade.
Norway Jellyfish
April 12, 2012 The Toronto Aerial Jellyfish is sighted in the skies above Toronto, Canada.
Toronto Jellyfish
Late December, 2012 The NASA Jellyfish Anomaly was sighted via NASA cameras recording a strange object in the sky.
Nasa critters and ufos
June 1, 2015 The Dutch Flying Jellyfish was sighted in the Netherlands by Harry Perton. It is one of the most well known Atmospheric Jellyfish sightings.
'''The Dutch Flying Jellyfish'''

In Popular Culture[]

  • Atmospheric Jellyfish are featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.