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The carcass

The Ataka Carcass was a very unusual and spectacular carcass found in Egypt.

A horrible 72-hour long storm ravaged The Gulf of Suez in January of 1950. The day following the storm, the locals found a humongous, ugly body lying on the beach. The people were shocked at this whale-sized creature and word spread quickly. Very quickly the scientists rushed to discover what this animal was. A photo was taken. The photograph shows a massive, fat creature with huge walrus-like tusks jutting out from each side of its mouth. It also had a blowhole. Close observers said that this animal had the lack of eyes and apparently had baleen.

The carcass disappeared and then people found out that the locals had seen a creature fitting this description swimming near the shore 10 days earlier. Scientists eventually concluded that the carcass was just a decomposing Bryde's Whale, with mandible extensions as the supposed 'tusks'.