Arzamassian Monstruz

The original drawing of Arzamassian Monster (Monstruz)

Arzamassian Monster - is a creature that fell from the sky in the Arzamas , Russia.


In 4th June of 1719, after the storm, the monster fell from the sky to Arzamas. Officers found the carcass and remembered Peter the Great's decree: 

"If someone finds any wonder, monster or a freak, immediately send it to the Kunstkamera in Saint-Petersburg - because it's not from the devil, but from the nature"

They measured and described it. The corpse got preserved in the barrel and sent to the Kunstkamera. The monster's corpse got lost on the way to it.


"This monster is 7,5 meters long, from the muzzle to the tail tip. It has pike-like teeth, but larger and more crooked, and bat-like wings - one wing is 7 meters long. The tail is very long - 3 meters. The legs have smooth skin and eagle-like talons, but bigger. Hands on the wings have four fingers and claws, the eyes are faded, but still fierce"

What it could be?

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