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Cotw 16 humanoid mosquitoes by trendorman-d8nvi42

Diakujia's Depiction.

The Arkansas Snipe or Skeeteroo (Ferrumproboscis artchildsi) is a fearsome critter in the form of a giant insect. The legend tells that a lumberjack was lost in Arkansas. He went up a hill to orient himself. When he came back, the horse wasn't there; two Arkansas Snipes ate the horse, chomped the saddle and spat the horseshoes out. In another version, the giant insects devour a cow and brush their teeth with the cow's horns. An American salesman and a man named Daniel were searching for the cow. The two men started walking around the swamp. Soon, they heard the bell of a cow and walked to see the cow. When they arrived, they saw a dead cow with a mosquito standing on two feet on it shaking the bell to call the other cows and make them arrive to their fate. The mosquitoes looked more like raccoons, because they had claws that if they kicked a cow, they would pierce the heart of the cow.

And there's also the story of Bill Jenkins, the largest man from Arkansas, who got up at night and two mosquitoes grabbed him and carried him with them. The mosquitoes started to talk if they should hide him in the swamp, but decided not to hide him in the swamp because bigger mosquitoes would steal their prey. There's also a story that tells that a man hid two mosquitoes under a cauldron, so they started to make holes in the cauldron to escape. The man pulled away their prickles so they wouldn't escape, but the mosquitoes flew away with the cauldron and the human.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Arkansas Snipe

    The Arkansas Snipe as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation

    The Arkansas Snipe is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.

Further reading[]

"The Skeeteroo" from Yarns of the Big Woods (1922-1925) by Art Childs