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The Argopelter (Anthrocephalus craniofractens) is a fearsome critter said to inhabit hollow trees of the conifer woods from Maine to Oregon. It doesn't like anything crossing its path or coming into its territory. If they come close enough, it will hurl wood splinters and branches at the intruder. Some have described the creature as a hairy humanoid similar to Sasquatch,  but slightly smaller.

They are so accurate in their assault, that there has only been one reported survivor of an Argopelter attack . He said that the only reason he survived was because the branch was rotten, and shattered on his head. As it ran off, he managed to turn around and get a good look at it. He described it as having a "slender, wiry body, the villainous face of an ape, and arms like muscular whiplashes, with which it can snap off dead branches and hurl them through the air like shells from a six inch gun." The Argopelter subsists on woodpeckers, hoot owls, and dozy (rotten) wood. Its pups are always born on February 29 and always arrive in odd numbers.  They'll use anything as ammunition, Branches, Acorns, Pinecones, Fruit, and even things like Birds Nests.

Further reading

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