• Arabhar

The Arabhar, literally "arab snake" is a type of snake thought to live near the Arabian Sea. The thing that makes this creature special is its alleged ability to fly. There’s a lot of debate about how the Arabhar actually takes flight. Some reports say it flies using bat-like, leathery wings. Others think it may use some sort of flap or specialized spine that allows it to glide through the air. There are also known snakes belonging to the genus Chrysopelea that "fly" through the air by jumping from branch to branch, so it is possible this snake has adapted that ability as well. It is more likely that many reported sightings of the Arabhar are simply these flying snakes 

possible explanations of this cryptid

  • Chrysopelea paradisi 
  • Chrysopelea ornata

Basically real actual flying snakes.

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