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source: A Book of Creatures

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The Araǵanaqlta’a is known as the father or owners of all snakes in Argentinian Toba folklore. This creature is said to have control over every snake in the world. It is also commonly associated with rainbows, water, and storms.


The creature is said to dwell near lakes and rivers or in deep caves that have access to water.


The Araǵanaqlta’a appears as a large, multi-colored serpent usually said to be around 10 meters in length. It is said to resemble a bushmaster and has a large red crest atop of its head. It is also believed to have a saw-like structure around its body that helps it move. Its tail is said to end in two hooks, which it uses to capture prey.

More Details[]

  • The females are said to be the mothers of all snakes.
  • They are said to shapeshift.
  • They are intelligent and enjoy human conversation.
  • They will punish those that desecrate nature.