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Buck's encounter. Note the size of the fangs

The Appalachian Chupacabra was first sighted in the 1900s, and supposedly migrated to Appalachia from Puerto Rico In the 1800s. Most of the sightings occurred in West Virginia. Hunters, hikers, trappers, and other outdoorsmen reported seeing deer carcasses laying on the ground, with blood precisely drawn from their bodies, leaving fang marks on the necks. Others have seen it face-to-face, saying that there is not just one - but a pack.


The Appalachian Chupacabra has a long body and is 4 foot at the shoulder. It also has spikes running down its back, most likely serving a defensive purpose. It also has a broad, pig-like snout with large fangs in its mouth. The talons on the creature are similar to a hawk's talons, only bigger, with three toes on each foot.

Destination America's hit show Mountain Monsters investigated the Appalachian Chupacabra. The creature was only in the Bigfoot Edition because Bigfoot interfered with the original hunt. The AIMS team's theory about this is that the Bigfoot was using the Chupacabras as a hunter would use his/her hounds for hunting. Buck had a true face-to-face encounter when the creature hopped in the back of the side-by-side. The team nearly caught them in the trap, only to find out that the Bigfoot responded to their distress howls and broke a plank on the backside of the trap, which allowed them to escape into the night.

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