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An Artist's Rendering

Antmen were army ants that were human sized. They appeared in Greek mythology.


They could carry and use four weapons at a time and use their large red eyes to see from all directions at once.They could easily crush a human soldier’s skull with their huge, powerful jaws. Just as ants, they were extremely organized and had no fear of death. Given the order, they would rush and eagerly enter any battle, and would never take prisoners.


The story goes that after a devastating plague killed off the entire population of the island of Aegina, the governing king begged his father (Zeus) to repopulate his Kingdom with its ants. This created an army of fierce and eager warriors that took direction from and remained loyal to this king. The king’s son, Peleus, took a group of these human-sized insects to the Greek city of Thessaly. The son of Peleus, Achilles even led this group of fierce warriors to battle in the legendary Trojan War. 


Some sort of large species of ant, or perhaps even an Alien

Antmen back

(Back) An Antman from Weird N Wild "Monsters of the Mind" - Card 26

450px-Antmen front

(Front) An Antman from Weird N Wild "Monsters of the Mind" - Card 26