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Animal X is an Australian documentary television series about cryptids, myths and legend that aired in over 120 countries around the world. It began in 1997 with its first series of thirteen, half-hour episodes in which it is either in the form of a normal documentary and other times it involves 2 people investigating the area that a cryptid or something similar has been sighted. 


Episode list[]

Series One

  1. Chupacabra, magic cows, Black Dogs
  2. Killer crocodiles, Fizo, Inkanyamba
  3. Rainbow Serpent, Lake Van Monster, killer wolves
  4. Cattle Mutilations, croc horror, Black cat
  5. Dingoes, fish, Bigfoot
  6. Komodo dragon, ghost lions, Canadian Lake Monster
  7. Cat worshipers, alien animals, killer bees
  8. Salawa, dolphin therapy, Jersey Devil
  9. Goatman, Phar Lap, psychic animals part one
  10. Beast of BodminGiant Squid, psychic animals part two
  11. Yeti, hypnotising dog, Thylacine
  12. Mad elephants, Biblical lions, Yowie
  13. Caddy, Red Heifer, big cats in Australia

Series Two[]

  1. Chupacabra in Puerto Rico, Panthers in Essex, Dogs who diagnose disease
  2. Marsupial Lion, Thunderbirds, Animals sealed in stone
  3. Megalodon, pets that save lives, plagues of animals
  4. A Bigfoot special
  5. New England sea serpent, hominids around the world, Beaching whales
  6. Skunk Ape, animal emotion, frog and fish rain
  7. Incredible dog journeys, thylacine, Swedish lake monster
  8. Carnivorous herbivores, Megalania, Animal memories
  9. Animal heroes, Yowie, Telepathic parrot
  10. English sea monster, Singing whales, Gremlins
  11. Moa, Animal superstitions, Drain dwellers
  12. Minnesota iceman, Psychic pets, Golden frogs
  13. Giant squid, Animal phantoms, Kamikaze sex

Series Three[]

  1. Animal Ghosts
  2. Monster or Murderer
  3. The Mystery of the Thylacine
  4. Texas Bigfoot
  5. Winged creatures (Mothman, Thunderbird)
  6. Monsters of the Deep (Bloop)
  7. Reptilian creatures (Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp)
  8. El Chupacabra
  9. Australia's Alien Big cats
  10. Animal Super Powers