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The Amali is a dinosaur-like cryptid from the lakes of Gabon. It is similar to other African dinosaur-like cryptids, Mokele Mbembe and the N'yamala.


The Amali is an amphibious dinosaur-like creature that has three claws on each foot. Its footprints are "about the size of a good frying pan."

The Amali shares its habitat with another aquatic dinosaur-like cryptid, the Jago-Nini. The Amalis also have a tendency to break ivory trees.


The adventurer Alfred Aloysis "Trader" Horn allegedly discovered a cave painting of an Amali, chiselled it out, and sent it as a gift to the U.S president, Ulysses S. Grant. This incident most likely occurred in the early 1880s, after Grant left office. The "old men'll tell you what their grandfathers saw but they still believe it's there" quote implies that they were last seen in the 17th century. With such a long time since a sighting, It is more than likely that Amalis are now extinct.


The Amali, and other alleged dinosaurs in the area, could be a remnant population of sauropods or similar dinosaurs. However, it is possible that it may have been a misidentification or exaggeration of existing animals. However, the pygmy mammoths, as well as many direct descendants of pliocene and oligocene animal species, are evidence in favor of a pygmy species surviving much longer than it's larger counterparts. It may also be a new species of reptile mistaken for a sauropod, possibly due to it also evolving a large size and long neck.


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