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The Amabie is a yokai that vaguely resembles a merperson. It is scaly, with long hair, a beak-like mouth, and three-legs. It lives in the ocean but glows brightly enough to be seen from the shore. It is one of a variety of yokai who have been first seen during times when diseases are prevalent. These yokai are typically only seen once, during which they warn the witness about the

Artist Interpretation

disease and how their image can help ward off the diseases. There is another yokai, called the Amabiko, who has a similar appearance and predicts abundant harvests or disease and also tells witnesses to spread its image. More likely than not, the Amabie is the same exact yokai as the Amabiko, but with a couple slight differences.

So far, there has only been one sighting of the Amabie, which took place in April of 1846, in the Higo Province (now the Kumamoto Prefecture). For several nights, a bright light was visible in the ocean. A government official went to investigate the light and found a strange creature. It introduced itself as an Amabie, and told him there would be a six-year bumper crop, along with disease. It told him that a picture of itself would protect people from disease.

Amabie appears as one of main characters in "Gegege no Kitaro season 5".

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