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Alien Bigfoot is a cryptid that is typically sighted shorty after a UFO sighting. The sightings are mainly in Pennsylvania. On the night of July 31, 1966, a group of 4 friends were having a vacation at a local beach in Erie, Pennsylvania. When they went to leave, their tire was stuck in the mud. One of the boys went to find a tow-truck, leaving the other boy and two girls alone. Several hours passed, and the friend still wasn't back. Then, in the night sky, they saw a figure flying in the sky. They took a close look, and didn't know what it was.

Then a purple flash of light beamed in the sky and the UFO like figure summoned a bluish-purple light to the ground and flew off. Then a policeman showed up, wondering why they were sitting there at the late time it was. They explained that they were stuck and they were waiting for their friend to get back. The officer offered to go take a look, so the other boy went along, leaving the two girls alone.

Later, they saw something rustling in the bushes. Then a 6-8 ft. tall figure trudged out and growled at the two. They were very frightened and the beast ran up and attacked their car. Eventually, when the others got back the girls told their story.

Another sighting took place in 1966 in a very southern part of Pennsylvania. A woman was sitting in her chair in 1966. Then she heard something on her back porch. She thought a pack of dogs had returned, so she got her gun. When she got out, she saw a hairy humanoid about 50 ft. away. She took a shot at it, but it teleported away. Then her son in law came over with his gun. Then about 8 of the creatures appeared and growled at him. He ran away and dropped his flashlight.

The sightings were active, but now they don't happen too often anymore.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Alien Bigfoot is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.


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