Alicanto or Allicanto are nocturnal, luminescent birds that live in the caves and mines of [[::Category:South and Central America|Chile]]. At night, their feathers shine with metallic color, and their eyes emit strange lights. Alicanto are often depicted as large birds, but the size and shape usually vary depending on the sighting or tale.

There are two types of Alicanto; one which feeds on silver, and one which

Artist's rendition of a large Alicanto

feeds on gold, sometimes eating so much that they weigh too much to fly. The color and glow of their feathers depend on their diet (i.e if an Alicanto only eats gold, its feathers have a golden glow). They nest near hills that contain the precious stones that they eat. Spotting an Alicanto is said to bring good luck. If a miner can find and follow an Alic

Artist's rendition of a small Alicanto

anto for a while without being caught, the miner will find silver and/or gold. However, if the Alicanto discovers them, it will push the person off of a cliff or lure them into a deep ravine where they fall to their death. Although, it's also said that Alicanto will help humans that they favor to find gold and silver, as long as the human shares what they find with the bird.

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