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The Algerian Hairy Viper is a mysterious snake of North Africa. It was sighted only once in January 1852, coiled around a tree near Draria, Algeria.


The Algerian Hairy Viper is described to be a two-foot long snake covered in hair. The hair on its body is brownish red.


The Algerian Hairy Viper was sighted only once in January 1852 by locals from a village near Draria, Algeria. The locals were making their way through the surrounding forest when they came upon what they thought was hair growing round a tree trunk. When they looked closer, the hair began to move down the trunk. The villagers watched in amazement as a snake covered in thick hair slithered along the forest floor. The snake hissed at the villagers and vanished into the undergrowth, never to be seen again.

After hearing of the story, the Museum of Natural History in Paris, France wanted the specimen as an addition to its collection. Scientists from the museum traveled to Algeria to search for the snake but they were unable to find any.


There are many theories on what the Algerian Hairy Viper may have been. Some cryptozoologists believe that it is truly an undiscovered species of hairy snake or giant hairy caterpillar. Instead of being one large caterpillar, it is also theorised that it may have been a tightly grouped cluster of hairy caterpillars.

The final theory is that it may have been a stoat (or weasel). They are long, thin and could be mistaken for a hairy snake when crouched low on the ground. There are also species of stoat that are native to Algeria.