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The Akamataa is a serpent yokai from Japanese folklore, hailing from Okinawa.


The Akamataa appears as a type of Naga, a mix between a woman and a snake, although sometimes it appears as a young man. The Akamataa is said by some to be a visiting God in disguise. In their female form, they marry human men and take them under water to live with them, granting them immortality.

Akamata is also the Japanese name for the Ryukyu Odd-Tooth Snake (Lycodon semicarinatus) native to the Ryukyu Islands in Okinawa.

In Popular Media[]

  • In the anime and manga series, Gegege no Kitaro, there is a character named Akamata who is based on this legend. This character appears as a male serpent.

Also See[]

  • Akkorokamui, a part-octupus-part human kami in Japanese lore
  • Yaoshikepu, a part-spider-part human kami in Japanese lore