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An artistic rendering of a pack of Adjule roaming the desert.

The Adjule or Bush Dog (also known as Kelb-el-khela for males and Tarhsît for females), is a canine cryptid claimed to live in the North African region, close to the Sahara Desert.

It was first reported by Théodore Monod in 1928, and today it is considered an undiscovered variety of the African wild dog. The most recent sighting was in 1992 by hunters of a village in Western Mauritania and has not been seen since.

There are no known photos of the Adjule. Its sightings have been considered by most of the scientific community as those of African wild dogs living close to the Sahara, a known species which has mange, or a creature that has been misidentified by the local population of humans.



It is described as being approximately two and a half feet tall, having webbed feet, and having rough, thick crimson skin which has a bluish tint. They are estimated to weight between thirty to forty-five pounds. The Adjule are not solitary creatures; they hunt in packs, which range in size from three to thirteen.

They are also reported to have supernatural powers. According to the local tribesmen of the Sahara, it uses pheromones to cause great discord among the area's residents, allowing them to hunt their prey. There are no reports of the Adjule attacking humans.

In Popular Culture[]


An Adjule's normal form in Resident Evil 5.

Adjules appear as enemies that are parasite-infected dogs in the video game Resident Evil 5.


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