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Wolfy boi by Cudes017

The Lougarou may also have roots in the mythology and practices of Haitian voodoo, a syncretic religion.The Caribbean island nation of Haiti, already steeped in the dark lore of zombies and voodoo magic, also has its own version of the werewolf, which they call the je-rouges, or “red eyes.” It is also referred to it as the French loup-garou and by the Creole word lougarou. It is the Haitian equivalent of the Louisiana Rougarou and the Soucouyant of other Caribbean nations.

"They can be half-wolf or half-bird or any animal, but werewolf just means that they practice an evil art of Voodoo where they wear the skin of an animal and kill in the night. There have been many men who have been lynched when they were found out to be werewolves. Werewolves are normal men that use Voodoo to use the skin of an animal to turn themselves into monsters in the night. Because they are so strong when in their skin, the best way to kill a werewolf is when it is in the form of a man."

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